Weaving since 2022 

We are a small but dedicated film team, brought together by our shared passion for storytelling and cultural preservation. Our directors, Kemane Ba & Sebastian Rost, guide our project with a deep respect for the indigenous wisdom in the Sierra Nevada, aiming to amplify their voices.

Sebastian Rost, our Director of Photography, uses his keen eye to capture the natural beauty and authenticity of the Kogi people's world. His talent lies in his ability to let the landscape and people speak for themselves.

The enchanting story is based on the novel of Lucas Buchholz , in which he follows an invitation from the Kogi to share their message with our so-called "modern" world.

Our screenwriter Lucia Deyi, ensures that the Kogi tribe's story is told with the utmost humility and integrity, allowing their wisdom and traditions to take center stage.

As a humble team, we embark on this documentary journey with reverence for the Kogi culture and a sincere desire to share their remarkable story. Our goal is to shine a light on their unique perspective and contribute to the broader conversation about indigenous cultures and the need for environmental preservation.


Every person and little step taken in the creation of a movie is a thread woven into a larger, more coherent tapestry of our collective imagination.

Sebastian Rost

Director of Photography

Kemane Bâ


Lucia Deyi


Lucas Buchholz

Producer Author